Regional News

On the 22 May 2024, The Regional Councillor: Katima Rural Constituency and Chairperson of the Regional Council Management Committee, Hon.

Matengu Simushi facilitated the site handover of the EIB Rural electrification of Kalumba area in Zambezi region. The project is envisaged to be completed in March 2025. The event was attended by Nampower, Nored, The Contractor and community members of the Katima Rural Constituency.

On the 17 May 2024, The Deputy Prime Minister, Hon John Mutorwa held a stakeholder engagement on Disaster Risk Management at the Zambezi Regional Council Office Park in the Zambezi Region. The meeting was attended by the Regional Governor and Councillors and other stakeholders within the region.

During the meeting the Deputy Prime Minister advised that drought relief food should not be kept in the warehouse for a longer period and that it should reach intended beneficiaries on time. After the engagement, the Deputy Prime Minister John Mutorwa visited the Zambezi Regional Drought relief warehouse to assess the progress of the distributions to various constituencies.

On the 16 May 2024, the CSR/ Road Authority handed over three (3) two-bedroom houses to the Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture in Zambezi Region. The houses were handed over by the Deputy Prime Minister Hon John Mutorwa to the Director of Education in Zambezi Mr. Alex Sikume. The houses were then handed over to the Principal of Impalila Combined School.

On the 16 May 2024, the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon John Mutorwa inaugurated a Low Volume Seal road in Impalila Island. The infrastructure development cost was N$151.9 million, it is 25 Kilometres road project which included the construction of minor access roads to public institutions.

From the 13th to 14th of  May 2024, the 5th Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission held  public engagements at the Kamunu Hall in Katima Mulilo which was filled to its capacity by the residents of Zambezi region who attended the Commission’s public engagement. The expressed their views through oral and written submissions which they submitted to the Commissioners assigned by the His Excellence, the President of Namibia.

On the 30th April 2024, the Directorate of Education bid farewell to the outgoing director Mr. Josty Kawana who retired after serving for 36 years in Public Service. The directorate welcomed the new appointed director Mr. Alex Sikume. The occasion was graced by the Regional Governor, the Deputy Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture amongst others. Those who spoke at the event described Kawana to have been a humble but dedicated leader. Mr. Kawana became director in 2021, after serving as a deputy director from 2013.

Zambezi region is situated in the north-eastern part of Namibia. Zambezi region is strategically located within the SADC regional context. The region covers a total area of 19,532 km2, in a country of 825,118 km2 and accounts for only 1.8 percent of the total land area of the country. The region is divided into eight constituencies and shares borders with four countries and is surrounded by rivers. These river systems form the basis of fauna and flora endowment that makes the region to be different from the rest of the country. Katima Mulilo Town is the seat of the Regional Council and the only town in the Zambezi Region. The region has an economic influence over its hinterland and that of the neighboring countries. No shopping center within a 70 KM radius from the border. It has a geo-political influence.